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About the Qasem Economic Corporation

The Qasem Economic Corporation was established to serve as the implementation arm of the Kfar Qasem Municipality and support its development as a thriving and forward-looking city in the center of Israel.  The corporation is wholly owned by the municipality of Kfar Qasem.

It main activities:


Projects underway

‎⁨מבט חוץ כפר קאסם⁩
Construction of the Kfar Qasem stadium
Architect drawing architectural project
Preparing master plans for public spaces

Successfully completed projects

Upgrading roads and infrastructure in the Nof Haaretz Industrial Zone
Phase II development of the Lev Haaretz Industrial Zone
Restoration and conservation of Wadi Abu Amran
Establishing the Klika Qasem Entrepreneurial Hub

Meet the staff of the Qasem Economic Corporation

Regev Avner

Business Development Department Director

Najeh Amer


Samira Assi

Local Business Community Manager

Ofir Levin

Klika qasem hub Manager

Karam Badir

Financial officer

Fatima Tsartsur

Financial officer

Abed Tsartsur

Lev Haaretz Industrial Zone Manager

Rawan Badir

Parking department

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lique Qassam Sr. compound Ibn al-Hatab Street, Kafr Qasem

Contact info

Phone: 03-7550748

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